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The Summer Conservatory Experience

Auditions and Availability

Our 2020 Conservatory programs (A Midsummer Night’s Dream & Beauty and the Beast) offer advanced-level training for students in grades 7-12+ and participation is by audition only.

For questions regarding the audition process or either production, please contact


Audition Requirements


Please note: the Creative Teams for these productions may be making final casting decisions based solely on these video audition submissions. Preparation is key— help us to see your full range of abilities!


Download breakdown and audition resources here.


All candidates must submit an audition using the link below, including a resume, headshot and audition video(s) – Youtube link, Dropbox or other online format. If you have technical questions about creating, editing, saving/exporting, or uploading video, we can help answer some of your questions. Email us at


What to Prepare for Auditions


Those auditioning for A Midsummer Night’s Dream must prepare:

  • BOTH contrasting monologue excerpts from the play (provided below). Both monologues must be memorized. Effective auditions will emphasize bold and contrasting character choices.


Those auditioning for Beauty and the Beast must prepare:

  • 16-32 bars from a song from a contemporary or classic musical. Song must be memorized. Effective song selections will highlight your vocal range and character choices. You MAY submit 2 contrasting songs if you feel this will more fully showcase your abilities.
  • A comic or light dramatic monologue 45-90 seconds in length. Must be memorized.


Students wishing to be considered for either/both productions must submit all of the above materials.


DEADLINE: Update: Audition videos are accepted February 20 through May 1. Candidates are encouraged to submit earlier than later, as the programs may fill prior to the deadline. Due to voice changes, evolving candidate pool, show selection, limited space, and other factors, prior Summer Conservatory students must re-apply and audition each year.




In order to broaden the educational opportunities for our students, Theatre Aspen is offering a second fully-produced Conservatory production to complement and enhance the students’ range of experiences.


Students must indicate on their audition form whether they are available to be cast in Midsummer, Beauty and the Beast, or EITHER or BOTH productions. Enrollment is capped in each production based on the needs of the show.


Based on your stated availability and audition, applicants may be accepted to one production or the other, with a limited number of students accepted into both productions, as dictated by each production’s needs. As there is some overlap in rehearsal schedules, students involved in both productions will be excused from affected rehearsals as necessary.


A note on casting: The Creative Team is diligent in our efforts to cast students in roles that will both help them experience growth, as well as ensure the success of each production as a whole. Upon admission to a Summer Conservatory production, students acknowledge that they will accept any role.


Sample Availability Question
from Audition Submission Form:


A Midsummer Night’s Dream Rehearsal/Performance Dates:



Beauty and the Beast Rehearsal/Performance Dates:



Please indicate which Conservatory production(s) you are willing/available to participate in. Your selection will inform our Creative Team’s casting decisions, so please only indicate productions that fit with your schedule and that you will accept a role in, if offered.


-I would ONLY like to be considered for Midsummer

-I would ONLY like to be considered for Beauty and the Beast

-I would like to be considered for EITHER Midsummer OR Beauty and the Beast (i.e. I would only like to be cast in one show, but have no preference)

-I would like to be considered for BOTH Midsummer and Beauty and the Beast (but I might only get cast in one)

Theatre Aspen makes history this summer with TWO Conservatory Productions!

First, the most famous RomCom in history …

Move over Lin-Manuel! Discover for yourself why Shakespeare is the preeminent wordsmith of all time in our most exciting addition to the summer line-up! Get acquainted with the timeless genius of William Shakespeare in the original RomCom – A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Lots of great roles, with fully-produced performances happening in the time-honored tradition of Shakespeare in the Park.



  • Lots of roles for men and women
  • Training in Shakespearean acting; gain confidence in the language and tackle your role with NO FEAR! Plus – voice and diction, physical comedy, and more
  • Specialized classes in improvisation, acting, and movement
  • 6 fully-produced performances in an idyllic open-air setting in the Shakespeare-in-the-Park-style tradition
  • Masterclasses with Broadway pros from the Theatre Aspen mainstage
  • See one of our Main Stage professional performances with the Conservatory Company and receive a talkback with the actors
  • Meet new friends and strengthen your existing friendships


Dates: June 15, 2020 – July 11, 2020; Rehearsals M-F June 15 – July 6, 2020
Performances: July 7-11, 2020
Times: 9a-4p
Tuition: Only $995; Scholarships available

Directed by Elissa Russell and Graham Northrup. Open to all rising 7th-12th graders.

Then, the Tale as Old as Time …

Evolve your individual performance skills while working with your peers to stage a classic tale of transformation: Beauty and the Beast. As a Conservatory student, you will receive specialized training in musical theatre, as well as workshops and masterclasses from industry professionals. Plus, you’ll use your newly refined skills to bring this “tale as old as time” to life on the Hurst Theatre stage.



  • Training in ensemble performance, character movement, and more
  • Classes in singing and dance
  • 6 fully-produced performances in the Hurst Theatre ten
  • Masterclasses with Broadway pros from the Theatre Aspen mainstage
  • ee one of our Main Stage professional performances with the Conservatory Company and receive a talkback with the actors
  • Meet new friends and strengthen your existing friendships


Dates: Callbacks (as needed) June 27, 2020; Rehearsals M-F June 29 – July 22, 2020
Performances: July 23-29, 2020
Times: 9a-4p
Tuition: Only $1250; Scholarships available


Directed by Graham Northrup. Choreography by Luke Ryan. Open to all rising 7th-12th graders.


*Significant bundle discount applies if student participates in both productions*