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Second Annual New Works Festival

Solo Flights

August 25-31, 2021

Solo Flights is an annual week-long developmental festival of one-person shows presented in the beginning stages of their making.



In addition to the performances, Solo Flights features signature events including talkbacks, creative discussions & panels, and special receptions.



The second annual Solo Flights Festival returns August 25 – 31, 2021 at Theatre Aspen’s Hurst Theatre.

So you can fly through these debut solo pieces, Theatre Aspen offers two levels of passes to see and save more:


Platinum Pass: $350 

Get two 2 tickets all seven Festival shows, or 14 tickets to use how you choose. 

$25/per ticket


Silver Pass: $200

A six ticket sampler to use any way you choose. 

$33/per ticket


Single Tickets for shows in the Festival Week are:

Premium $50

Standard $35


Single Tickets for Fred Grandy in Give ‘Em Hell Harry

Premium $75

Standard $55

Solo Flights Passes are not applicable to Give ‘Em Hell Harry

Theatre Aspen’s Solo Flights Festival Panels will be:

August 27th and 29th at 5:30 PM | Hurst Theater Lobby

Theatre Aspen’s Solo Flights Festival is presented in part by

Rachel and Rick Klausner | Bloomberg Philanthropies

Karen Brooks | Jim and Brenda Grusecki

Interested in underwriting Solo Flights? Contact Samantha Scott at

A Solo Flights Special Presentation

July 23 – 24th at 8PM

Give ‘Em Hell Harry

By: Samuel Gallu

Starring: Fred Grandy 

Director: Hunter Foster


When Harry Truman was unexpectedly thrust into the U.S. Presidency in 1945 he was ridiculed by both the press and the public as “the little man from Missouri”. Seven years later when he left office, he was hailed the world over as one of the great leaders of the 20th Century. Now actor and former US Congressman Fred Grandy, well known from his years as Gopher on The Love Boat, offers a virtuoso turn as our 33rd President in a new production of Give Em Hell, Harry. The one-man-show tells the inspirational story of the feisty mule trader’s son who rose from obscurity to successfully guide our country through one of the most turbulent periods in American history.  Using Truman’s own words Samuel Gallu’s play reminds us that the gentle wit and plain-spoken wisdom of Harry Truman is even more relevant and engaging today than when it premiered in 1975. Directed by Broadway’s Hunter Foster.



SOLO FLIGHTS 2021 | August 25 – 31


Written By and Starring: Kaye Winks

Director: Schoen Smith 

Performances: August 26th @ 7:30pm | August 31st @ 4pm


With satirical wit and sharp-tongued charm, Token chronicles one woman’s hilarious and often cringeworthy adventures of growing up black in the nearly all-white world of the suburban Midwest. The biting wisdom of her jaunty grandmother from Mississippi guides her conscience as she illustrates with vibrant, self-deprecating detail her experiences being torn between the culture of her extended family on the south side of Chicago and the WASPy climate of her native lily-white neighborhood. At the heart of her tales is a comical yet poignant and relatable coming-of-age story about what it means to be all-American in a place obsessed with race. Token is written by and starring The Second City Chicago alum Kaye Winks and directed by Sundance film producer, Schoen Smith.


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By: Christine Quintana

Director: Melissa Crespo

Starring: Emma Ramos and Kate Abbruzzese

Spanish Translation and Adaptation: Paula Zelaya Cervantes

Performances: August 25th @ 7:30 pm | August 28th @ 1pm


Memories, fantasies, and reality mix on a rainy night at a Cancun resort. Adriana, a hotel floor manager, is reeling from the news of her father’s death. Sarah, a visiting wedding guest, is haunted by events from the past. When a chance incident connects them, the echoes of their pasts and imagined futures collide with the present, in the false paradise of the resort.


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Esmeranda’s Gift (or how to make a crossword and solve your life)

By: Donna Hoke

Director: Hunter Foster 

Starring: Sarah Stiles 

Performances: August 27th @ 7:30 pm  | August 29th @ 4pm 


The Puzzlemaker has a new client: her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend–and that’s the puzzle she’s making for you at her latest workshop. In designing a puzzle for the man she still loves, the Puzzlemaker embarks on an agenda to win him back. But as she reveals the tricks of her trade, she also reveals something unexpected. Will she use her puzzlemaking powers for good–or evil?



A Good Day to Me Not To You 

Written By and Starring: Lameece Issaq 

Director: Lee Sunday Evans

Performances: August 26th @ 4pm | August 29th @ 7:30 pm


A 40-whatever dental lab technician’s assistant gets fired and moves into St. Agnes Residence, a woman’s rooming house run by nuns in New York City. There, she must finally come to terms with the untimely passing of her younger sister, who died while giving birth, and face the consequences of her own untaken path to motherhood. All while fending off the verbal assaults of her unpredictable and sometimes deranged cohabitants. Inspired by Issaq’s time living in a woman’s rooming house run by nuns in NYC, A Good Day to Me, Not to You is a fictional exploration based on a few truths.



Making Good 

By: Stuart Slade

Director: Tyne Rafaeli

Starring: Taylor Trensch

Performances: August 27th @ 4pm | August 31st @ 7:30 pm


When a young painter & decorator discovers a hedge fund manager dead in a kitchen he decides to steal his identity and live a high-rolling life… but finds that living this lie costs him far more than he ever could have imagined. Making Good is a pitch black, surprisingly tender comedy that’s kinda an unholy cross between The Talented Mr. Ripley (with a tiny bit of American Psycho thrown in) and a super-sweet rom com. It’s is a show about growing up dirt poor, then suddenly finding yourself impossibly rich. It’s about wearing the mask of success, but gradually realizing that the mask eats into your face. But most of all it’s about falling head over heels in love for the first time, all the while knowing that your relationship is entirely based on (absolutely massive) lies, and yearning to tell the truth to the woman you love… but, well, is honesty always the best policy? Especially when you’ve got the body of a hedge fund manager stashed away in your freezer?



The Noah Racey Project 

Written By and Starring: Noah Racey 

Director: Dick Scanlan

Performances: August 28th @ 4pm | August 30th @ 7:30 pm


Noah Racey is one of Broadway’s top song-and-tap dance men, but his story is anything but 42nd Street.  The rhythm of his life was set by the drumming circle at the commune in the Pacific Northwest where his woke and pioneering parents raised their kids.  All that freedom gave Noah and his sisters permission to do, say and be what they want—but free love has unintended consequences when children are around.  Using the humor and charm he honed on Broadway—not to mention his astonishing tap dancing!—and supported by a pianist and percussionist performing a contemporary jazz score created for this story, Noah explores the competing needs each of us has for freedom and for safety.



A Shot Rang Out 

By: Richard Greenberg

Director: Tony Taccone

Starring: David Ivers

Performances:  August 28th @ 7:30 pm | August 30th @ 4:00 pm


After a long period of isolation, an actor returns to the stage, alone and shaken.  This is his story—his moment of reckoning—about what led to his seclusion.  Along the winding journey, he draws inspiration from movies and theatre, reflects on missteps and unravels mysteries of love.