Theatre Aspen Office

Our administrative office is open Monday through Friday 10 am – 6 pm.


110 East Hallam Street
Suite 126
Aspen, Colorado 81611


Phone:  970.925.9313



Theatre Aspen’s Hurst Theatre

470 Rio Grande Place
Aspen, CO 81611


National Council

What is National Council?

The National Council provides the enthusiastic support necessary for sustaining and advancing Theatre Aspen’s world-class productions and diverse educational offerings. Members play a leadership role by providing annual support, acting as ambassadors within their circles of influence, and encouraging the development of cutting-edge ideas.


National Council Membership begins with a minimum gift of $2,500. Members can be as involved as they choose to be. We welcome new ideas and engagement opportunities. Contributions are welcome at any time.

National Council Benefits

Behind the scenes EXPERIENCES

PRIORITY ticketing and seat selection

Four TICKETS to any regular season Mainstage shows

*tickets are redeemable for Opening Nights, subject to availability, and subject to change

Invitations to special receptions and EVENTS, such as The New York Broadway Adventure

November 11 – 13, 2022, click here

National Council Members

Members current from

February 1, 2021 – September 20, 2022

Dave and Lisa Alpern

Joni and David Arnold

Amy and Gilchrist Berg

Marieke and Mark Blodgett

Elizabeth and Stuart Bohart

Carla and John Brozovich

Barbara and Franklin Carson

Katherine and Dane Chapin

Tom Clark

Denise and Warren Cohen

Lori Conkling

Camille Cook and Siri Hutcheson

Bunni and Paul Copaken

Sylvie and Gary Crum

Angela and Charles Cunniffe

Michele and Randy Dewitt

Muffy and Andy DiSabatino

Susan Doran

Linda and Alan Englander

Marion and Jonathan Fairbanks

Andi and Jim Gordon, The Edgewater Funds

Melinda and Jeff Hildebrand

Kristin Hill

Gayle and Woody Hunt

Bob Jacobson

Laura and Mike Kaplan

Erica and Jeff Keswin

Marianne and Richard Kipper

Pearl and Howard Klein

Sheila and Mike Kurzman

Linda and Jim Landers

Laura and Gary Lauder

Mara and Larry Lawrence

Kristen Learner and David G. Lambert

Bobette and Jay Lerner

Lainie and Kenny Lipschutz

Elizabeth and Sam Logan

Mona Look-Mazza and Tony Mazza

Roslyn Tom and Mark Mason

Laura and Andrew McCullough

Barbara and Pat McMahon

Beth and Josh Mondry

Denise Monteleone

Esther and Craig Navias

Carolyn and Tom Ogburn

Lesa and John Oudt

Ruth Owens

Patricia and Edwin Peterson

Dr. Amy D. Ronner and Michael P. Pacin, MD

Julie and Dennis Ratner

Nina and Joshua Saslove

Mary and Patrick Scanlan

Julie and Steven Schlafer

Linda and Robert Schmier

Pam and Tony Schneider

The Terri and Phillip Schrager Foundation

Kathie Schulman and Gerald Grayson

Beatrix and Michael Seidenberg

Jeannie and John Seybold

Deborah Sharpe

Jacqueline and Neal Shear

Cynthia and Terry Siegel

Gail and Bruce Smith

Alana Spiwak and Sam Stolbun

Warren Stickney

Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund