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Much Ado About Nothing – Shakespeare in the Park

June 27 - June 29 | Theatre Aspen Hurst Tent Lobby

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Thursday, June 27th

Friday, June 28th

Saturday,  June 29th


Theatre Aspen’s Hurst Theatre Lobby

Ground seating + limited chair seating available, bring blankets or chairs as desired!


Parking is available at the Rio Grande Public Parking lot.

Run time: 80 minutes.

About the Show
The High School Production of Much Ado About Nothing.

Get swept up in the Shakespearian world of Much Ado About Nothing in our 4th Annual Shakespeare in the Park production. Journey with us to Messina to laugh your way through some of Shakespeare’s finest enemies turned lovers, spiteful old men, bumbling police officers, brave and biting women, and of course, a trick wedding with a happy ending.


The Prince Don Pedro is visiting Messina after a victorious military engagement elsewhere. With him are his half-brother Don John, and his friends and fellow soldiers, Claudio and Benedick. The company of soldiers is greeted warmly by Leonato, governor of Messina—and his charming daughter Hero and incomparably witty niece Beatrice, both of marriageable age. Benedick and Beatrice immediately resume a long-standing merry (read: deadly) war of words; but Claudio and Hero are smitten by love-at-first-sight and quickly betrothed.


As this wedding is being planned, Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio also vow to make husband and wife of Benedick and Beatrice, both professed enemies of marriage, through a series of trick conversations and cleverly planned eavesdropping. In the meantime the villainous Don John, still angry at his brother and jealous of Claudio, joins with his henchmen, Borachio and Conrade, and plots to prevent the marriage of Claudio and Hero.


Though the plots to divide the lovers are at first successful, the drunken boasting of a henchman will crumble Don John’s cruel plans. There are public accusations, mistaken deaths, promises to kill for honor, men desperate to make amends, women who will not be overrun or betrayed, and finally, a wedding. Romp, romance, and potential catastrophe collide in Shakespeare’s fast-moving, irresistibly hilarious, and energetic comedy!

About the Creative Team

Artistic Team

Directed by Tim Grant


Aila Hinderberger – Margaret, George Seacoal, Friar Francis
Clare Williams – Benedick, Watchmen
Iggy Richardson – Claudio
Jillian Cole – Beatrice, Watchmen
Logan Novak – Prince Don Pedro
Mino Khan Farooqi – Hero, Sexton, Watchmen
Nicolas Stephens – Don John , Dogberry & Verges
Vivian Cain Weingram  – Ursula , Borachio, Messenger
Zelda Loeb – Leonata, Watchmen

Backstage Help

We are always in need of backstage help for our productions! If you are a high school student or older and are interested in assisting on one of our productions, please reach out to