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Winter High School Play

The Women Of Lockerbie

Feb. 15-18 | Aspen High School Black Box

Women of Lockerbie


Adults $20  |  Students $15

February 15 at 7pm

February 16 at 7pm

February 17 at 7pm

February 18 at 2pm

Run time: 70 minutes, no intermission.


“A moving, thoughtful exploration of how grief changes over time.” —The New Yorker. “…catches the grim mood [of a terrorist attack] better than anything I’ve yet seen on the subject of 9/11 and its aftermath. In its tightly controlled depiction of collective sorrow…it becomes almost unbearably moving.” —Daily Telegraph (London). “Playwright Deborah Brevoort has a gift for high poetry and her descriptions of the day when death came raining down on Scotland are impressively moving…endowed with character, poetry and a core of touching emotion…” —Time Out London. “…gives powerful voice to a disturbingly contemporary anguish: how to respond to suffer-ing caused by a terrorist attack…the play has the power to move an audience to new hope in a world witnessing continual acts of revenge and hatred.” —Sydney Morning Herald (Australia). “This finely honed play has the formal beauty of a Greek tragedy. The result is a play where not a minute is wasted in verbiage—where you are gripped from the opening moment and not released until the end.” —Green Left Weekly (Australia).

WinnerOnassis International Playwriting Competition2001
New American Plays AwardKennedy Center Fund, 2001


Rehearsal Period: Read through Dec 21st. Rehearsals Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30-7:30pm, January 8th – February 7th 

Rehearsals may be scheduled as people are available the week of Jan 2nd for individual or small group character work. 

*not all actors are called to every rehearsal, some conflicts can be accepted



February 8th & 9th – 4:30-8:30pm

February 10th – 12pm-5pm

February 12th-14th – 4:30-8:30pm


Performances: February 15th, 16th, and 17th, at 7pm, February 18th at 2pm

February 15 at 7pm

February 16 at 7pm

February 17 at 7pm

February 18 at 2pm

Adults $20  |  Students $15 and Teachers

About the Show

A mother from New Jersey roams the hills of Lockerbie, Scotland, looking for her son’s remains that were lost in the crash of Pan Am 103. She meets the women of Lockerbie, who are fighting the U.S. government to obtain the clothing of the victims found in the plane’s wreckage. The women, determined to convert an act of hatred into an act of love, want to wash the clothes of the dead and return them to the victim’s families. THE WOMEN OF LOCKERBIE is loosely inspired by a true story, although the characters and situations in the play are purely fictional. Written in the structure of a Greek tragedy, it is a poetic drama about the triumph of love over hate. Winner of the silver medal in the Onassis International Playwriting Competition and the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays award.

About the Creative Team

Artistic Team

Directed by James Early


Madeline:   Gia H
Bill:              Nicholas S
Olive:           Mino K-F
George:        Khalil K-F
Hattie:          Eleanor C
Women of Lockerbie:  Jessica V, Skadie K, Zel L, Clare W, Isabel M, Elle H-W

Backstage Help

We are always in need of backstage help for our productions! If you are a high school student or older and are interested in assisting on one of our productions, please reach out to