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Theatre Aspen Education Presents:

A Devised Show

May 6th and 7th, 2022


Rehearsal Schedule

March 14th – April 25th 

Mondays 5:30-7:30pm

Wednesdays 5-7pm

Tech Schedule

Wednesday April 27th – 4:30-7:30pm

Saturday April 30th – 10am-1pm

Monday May 2nd – 6:00-8:30pm

Wednesday May 4th – 4:30-7:30pm


Friday May 6th @ 7pm

Saturday May 7th @ 7pm


ALL rehearsals and performances will take place in the Red Brick Center for the Arts, 110 E Hallam St. 


Our slightly odd tech schedule is due to the scheduling in the Studio at the Red Brick Center.

What is a Devised Show?

In short, devised theatre is when a show is created through a collaborative process between all artists involved in the production, centrally the actors and director. Through improvisation, devising exercises, and collaborative playwriting, we will take our show from just the idea of a theme to a fully realized script.

Why devised theatre?

Devising gives young artists the opportunity to work as creators, not just actors. By crafting a show which is true to themselves and their life experiences, we end up with both a process and a product which is representative of the full scope of the creativity, ingenuity, and possibilities which live within our ensemble.

What will this process look like?

Because we will be devising our show, we will not go through an audition process, as there are no parts to cast people into until we create them. Throughout our first few weeks of rehearsal, as we create the outline of our story and the characters that inhabit it, we will solidify who will play what role(s). Each week we will move closer to what our final story will look like, and about halfway through our process we will lock in a script. The remainder of the time will look like a more traditional rehearsal process, as we take the story from a script to a staged show. 



Because this process is so ensemble based, actors can expect to be called to almost every rehearsal. Conflicts will still be accepted, however a higher volume of conflicts may lead to your actor having less input on our story and a smaller final role since they will be less present in the creation process.

A Devised Show will be directed by Vanessa Strahan

Vanessa has many years of experience leading devised processes and working as a playwright for young actors. She is excited to bring this theatre practice to Theatre Aspen’s young artists!

To Join The Devising Ensemble

As mentioned above, we will not hold auditions for this show since there are not yet parts to divide folks into. You can register directly to participate in this show!

Backstage Help

We are always in need of backstage help for our productions! If you are a high school student or older and are interested in assisting on one of our productions, please reach out to