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The Theatre Aspen Summer Experience

2023 Grades 7-12 Summer Productions

Grades 7-12 2023 Summer Productions 

Our 7-12 Summer Productions are designed to challenge, engage, and excite our young artists who are ready to tackle a full production experience with a basis of technique training. With time divided between classes and rehearsal, each ensemble will collaborate to shape a dynamic production showcasing the skills we’ll grow and refine throughout our time together.


This year, we are also presenting a Masterclass designed for actors who aspire to work in the professional world, featuring critique from members of our MainStage summer company.



Production photos from 2021’s PETER AND THE STARCATCHER and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (Timothy Bates Photography) 

The Tempest

Outdoor Fully-Produced Performances | Advanced Workshops; by Audition Only 

Grades 7-12

Dates: June 12th – July 1st, 2023

Performances: June 29th, 30th, July 1st 2023 @ 10am

Times: 9a-4p

Tuition: $895

 Performance Location: This year Shakespeare in the Park will be performed in the lobby/on the patio of the Hurst Theatre Tent.

Get swept up in the Shakepearian world of The Tempest in our 3rd annual Shakespeare in the Park production. Fall in love with the romantic language of Shakespeare and his magical tale of Prospero, Miranda, and an island where the impossible comes to life. Love, betrayal, revenge, and family are all central themes we’ll explore through rehearsal and production of Shakespeare’s final work: The Tempest. Actors will stretch their acting abilities by tackling a variety of roles, and receive training in acting, Shakespearean language, improv, movement, and more!


Show Summary: 

Twelve years ago, Prospero was Duke of Milan. Being of a bookish disposition, they withdrew more and more into their studies, leaving the management of the state to their brother Antonio. Eventually, with the help of Alonso, King of Naples, and the King’s sibling Sebastian – inveterate enemies of Prospero – Antonio usurped the dukedom for himself. Prospero and their baby daughter Miranda were put to sea in a rotten boat and eventually landed on a distant island once ruled by the witch Sycorax but now inhabited only by her son, Caliban, and Ariel, a spirit.


Today, a ship carrying those who banished Prospero and Miranda happens to cross nearby their island, and Prospero isn’t one to let the opportunity go to waste. Conjuring a storm to beach the boat and torment the survivors of the shipwreck, they don’t imagine that the King’s young son Ferdinand, thought to be dead by the rest of the survivors, would fall in love with Prospero’s daughter Miranda. Their celebrations are cut short when Prospero confronts their brother and reveals their identity as the usurped Duke of Milan. After much calamity, the families are reunited and all conflict is resolved, and Prospero prepares to leave the island for their restored Dukedom. 


Artistic Team

Director: James Early

Production photos from 2022’s THE DROWSY CHAPERONE (Nik House Media)


Broadway Boot Camp

Three Day Masterclass | Available for Registration (no audition required)


Grades 7-12

Dates: July 5th, 6th, & 7th, 2023

Times: 1-4pm

Tuition: $175


Whip your auditioning & callback skills into shape with this three day Masterclass. On Day One, actors will come in with a prepared monologue and song and receive critique on their auditioning skills, as well as participate in a professional style dance call. Day Two will feature callback material, including cold reading and sight singing, and a resume workshop. Day Three will culminate in another set of auditions, this time with feedback from Theatre Aspen’s artistic staff and members of the MainStage summer company. If you’re ready to step up your game and prepare for the world of professional auditions, this camp experience is for you.

Spelling Bee at the 2005 Tonys

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Fully-Produced Performances | Advanced Workshops; by Audition Only 

Grades 7-12th

Dates: July 10th – August 6th, 2023

Performances:  August 4th @ 2pm and 7pm, August 5th @ 2pm and 7pm, August 6th @ 2pm 

Times: 9a-4p

Tuition: $1,050


An eclectic group of mid-pubescents vie for the spelling championship of a lifetime. While candidly disclosing hilarious and touching stories from their home lives, the tweens spell their way through a series of (potentially made-up) words, hoping never to hear the soul-crushing, pout-inducing, life un-affirming “ding” of the bell that signals a spelling mistake. Only one speller can leave a champion! At least the losers get a juice box.


Actors cast in this production will work with peers to animate this high-stakes, nerve-racking, once in a lifetime competition into a fully realized production, and receive specialized training in acting, vocal technique, and dance, as well as the opportunity to participate in workshops and masterclasses from industry professionals.


Show Summary: 

An eclectic group of sixth-graders arrives at the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, each eager to win for very different reasons. Sweet and shy Olive brings only her best friend (the dictionary) with her to the bee; bold and hyperallergic speller William Barfee uses his “magic foot” to propel him to greatness; former champion Chip is struggling with his burgeoning puberty; easily distracted Leaf is unconvinced that they’re smart enough to be a challenger; overachiever Marcy is disappointed by her consistent success; and politically aware Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre only wants to impress her gay dads. In hilarious, touching, and catchy songs, each speller reveals his/her hopes, struggles, and passions as they make their way through the competition. With an engaging, tuneful score by William Finn and a sweet, funny book by Rachel Sheinkin, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee causes audiences to fall in love, both with the show itself and its “perspicacious,” “jocular,” and “effervescent” spellers.


Artistic Team

Director: Vanessa Strahan

Music Director: Christina Wenning

Audition Information and Requirements:

Our 2023 production programs (The Tempest, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee) offer advanced-level training for students in grades 7-12 and participation is by audition only. Actors will submit video auditions to receive acceptance into our production program(s), and specific casting decisions will be made during the first week of rehearsals. Upon admission to either Summer production, students acknowledge that they will accept any role.

For questions regarding the audition process or either production, please contact



Audition Requirements 


Step 1: Please fill out THIS FORM indicating your intent to submit an audition for one or both of our summer productions (same form for both shows). 


Step 2: All candidates must submit their audition packet to by April 8th, 2023 (extended from April 1st). Audition packet should include a performance resume, headshot and audition video(s) – Youtube link, Dropbox or other online format. Please email us with any questions at 


Step 3: Actors will be notified of their acceptance into the production programs no later than April 10th, 2023. At this time families may officially register and pay tuition for program(s). Specific casting decisions will be made the first week of each program. Specific casting decisions will be made the first week of each program.


What to Prepare for Auditions


Those auditioning for The Tempest must prepare:

  • ONE monologue from the selection of four in the following document (Miranda, Prospero, Caliban, Ariel). Actors should select the monologue they feel most connected to, regardless of gender of the characters as originally written. 
  • Monologue Selections


Those auditioning for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee must prepare:

  • A comic monologue 45-90 seconds in length. Must be memorized. 
  • 16-32 bars from a song from a contemporary musical. Song must be memorized. Effective song selections will highlight your vocal range and character choices. Songs should be sung with accompaniment (use a pre-recorded backing track from YouTube or other source). 


Actors wishing to be considered for both productions are required to submit both a Shakespeare and a comic monologue because of the difference in tone of the productions. 


Please note: the Creative Teams for these productions may be making casting decisions based solely on these video audition submissions. Preparation is key– help us see your full range of abilities!


DEADLINE: Audition packets are accepted through April 1st, 2023. Candidates are encouraged to submit earlier than later, as the programs may fill prior to the deadline. Those selected to participate in the programs will be notified no later than April 10th, 2023. Please email  if you are not local to Aspen and need priority consideration.




In order to broaden the educational opportunities for our young artists, Theatre Aspen now offers two 7-12th productions to complement and enhance their range of experiences.


Actors must indicate on their audition form whether they are available to be cast in The Tempest, Spelling Bee, or BOTH productions. Enrollment is capped in each production based on the needs of the show. 


A note on casting: The Creative Team is diligent in our efforts to cast actors in roles that will both help them experience growth, as well as ensure the success of each production as a whole. Upon admission to a Summer production, actors acknowledge that they will accept any role.

Please send any questions and final submissions to by April 1st, 2023.