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Online Offerings

As we adjust to a socially distanced life, Theatre Aspen Education is proud and excited to begin offering online classes.


We know just how much theatre class can mean to developing minds and we can’t wait to dance it out and prepare for times ahead in our shared virtual spaces.


Classes are listed below, and if you have any questions we’re always happy to help — email 

Movie Star Camp: Your Oscar® award awaits!

June 15- July 2

Movie Star Camp®

Weekly Schedule: 


* New instructional videos & worksheets emailed on Monday mornings

* Zoom meetings on Wednesdays (11am-12noon MT)

* Weekly at-home activities throughout the experience

* Support available via email and phone (by appointment)



 Equipment required: access to a cell phone or iPad

Experience the fun of directing and starring in your own movie! Students will learn the art of scriptwriting, on-camera acting, videography, and video editing while creating a short, imaginative movie. 


The course, taught by a former Disney and Nickelodeon producer who has also helped launch the careers of several mega-hit YouTube stars, is taught via video, zoom meetings, and fun-to-do activities your students can easily do right at home!  This is a great introduction into the world of movie-making and on-camera acting.  It’s also a great summer experience that is challenging, creative and guaranteed to stretch your students’ imaginations!


The experience concludes with our unique tradition of staging a live Facebook VIP movie premiere event featuring special awards, interviews with cast & crew members, other surprises, and the movies themselves created by, and starring, your students!  

Musical Theatre Technique

June 15th-26th

M/W/F 2:15-3:15

Musical Theatre Techniques

Broaden your repertoire, deepen your knowledge of musical theatre as an art form, and learn how to set yourself apart in the audition room and beyond! 


This musical theatre technique class, taught by Luke Ryan, will up your audition game and give you the tools you need to take your musical theatre skills to the next level! Limited registration spots allow for one-on-one coaching and small group work.

The six-session class will focus on:


-Building Your Book: find the appropriate repertoire based on type, voice, and abilities, to showcase you! And even more important, how to make correct 16-32 bar cuts of your songs.


⁃ Acting The Song: Learn to carry objectives and tactics from your scene into your song whether it be a solo, duet, or small group number. Use your voice and music to achieve your character’s overall objective in the show. No more “park and bark”!


⁃ Musical Theatre Styles: How does musical theatre differ from straight plays, film/tv, and opera? What skills are necessary to working as a musical theatre actor rather than an actor in other genres? 


⁃ Headshot/Resume 101: When do you need them, what should they look like, what should they say about you, when is it appropriate to get them professionally done or not, what do colleges look for on a resume, and what is appropriate to put on a resume? All of your questions will be answered!

Coming Soon: NEW Technical Theatre Classes!

Coming Soon!

Grades 7-12

Design and Production Forum

Tech Talk: Design & Production Forums are a series of 6 classes that students may Zoom into to learn the fundamentals of design for stage & screen.


Over the 6 courses students will get the chance to speak with professional designers about design techniques & their journey and experiences in the collaborative world of the arts.

Coming up:


Lighting Design with Craig Moxon, former resident lighting designer at the Rose Theatre and Theatre Aspen’s Director of Production; and Sarah Riffle, Assistant Lighting Designer at Chicago Lyric Opera



Scenic Design with Adam Rowe, Scenic Designer for RENT Live



Stage Management, Production Management, & Technical Direction with Danielle Taylor, former Stage Manager, and Theatre Aspen’s General Manager; and Chris Largent, Assistant Technical Director for San Francisco Opera.



Costume Design with Heather Lesiure, Costume Designer & Assistant Professor of Costume Design at Simpson College.



Sound Design with Kyle Toth, Production & Technical Services Manager for TMS at the Tom Benson Stadium at the NFL Hall of Fame Village

Broadway To Aspen: Conversations with Broadway Pros!

April 21st – May 21st

Broadway to Aspen!

NEW! Theatre Aspen’s Producing Director Jed Bernstein curates a collection of Zoom conversations with Broadway actors, creators and designers about professional life in the theatre.



Whether you’re just curious, or want to follow in their footsteps toward a career in the theatre arts, these conversations will inspire and empower you!



Six one-hour sessions begin Tuesday, April 21 at 3:00 PM MDT.



Appropriate for 7th graders through adult musical lovers. Register for one or all!




Kate Baldwin

Christy Altomare

Hunter Foster and Jen Cody

Lorin Latarro

Kevin Kern and Megan Lawrence

Beth Malone



Returning this Fall – stay tuned for new Broadway stars joining these Candid Conversations!

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